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    Geaux Tax Resolution in Louisiana

    The IRS doesn’t play around. NEITHER DO WE! If you’ve received a letter from the IRS pertaining to back taxes, you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that over 18 million Americans have fallen behind on tax payments. With so many others needing help, how will you find someone to fight your corner and take on the IRS? Come to the experts at Geaux Tax Resolution.

    Geaux Tax Resolution is owned by a former IRS employee, and our team has over 35 years of experience in dealing directly with the IRS. This has given us an intimate knowledge of the entire collections process and how it affects you, the taxpayer. We can use this knowledge to help stop garnishments, levies, and seizures immediately – giving you time to consider your options and make the best decision for yourself.

    How We Can Help?


    We will take the time to get to know you, how much you owe, and what led to this situation. No matter how you got here, don’t worry – we will help you find a way out.


    We will develop a plan for you and take action to ensure that your assets are protected. During this time, we will establish contact with the IRS on your behalf and find out what options are available to you.


    After we review your case and decide on how to move forward, we will reach out to the IRS and establish a resolution to your situation. Rest assured, we will always fight to come to an agreement that benefits you.


    Once your case is closed, you can breathe a little easier and enjoy some much-needed relief.