MAGNOLIA MEADOWS KENNELCreating versatile hunting companions and obedient dogs

Specializing in gun dog training, obedience and more...

A great dog in the
field and at home!

Magnolia Meadows Kennel is a life long passion for hunting retrievers.

You should expect results in the field and at home.

Result driven!

Our Services

Boarding Dogs

Providing a safe, secure and clean boarding services.

Please bring your dogs food with you. It is best to keep your dog on its regular diet.

Normal routine for the kennel is the dogs are fed, watered and aired in the morning and as needed.

Gun Dog Training

Our gun dog training program is geared toward waterfowl hunting retrievers. Real life hunting experience is used to create a successful training program. I look forward to bringing out your dog’s hunting potential.

Offering complete programs, taking your dog from the beginning of obedience to the finished dog.

The owner/handler plays an important role in training if it is going to be successful. The customer will be given the tools needed to keep the dog sharp and limit regression.

Obedience Training

The key to having the best dog in-the-field and at home is Obedience.

Common mistakes I see amateur trainers make is rushing their dogs through training.

Obedience first! If you skip the obedience you’ll never have a dog that is good in the field or at home.


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